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FBN Capital

Enabling FBN Capital

FBN had a challenge, they wanted to attract and educate an audience base, who had very little understanding of how FBN Capital’s investment solutions could be of appeal to them.

The Back Story

Prior to calling us, FBN Capital had engaged in all forms of advertising and communication about their products and services, the communication efforts at the time were too ambiguous and riddled with technical jargon. Needless to say they didn’t get the traction they hoped for.
Since the aim was to attract, educate and engage a new and uninformed audience, the big question then was – how to simplify this message so that it connects with the audience, without losing the vitals?

The Process

The journey started with insights as well as our own exploration of the Investments industry, as we also had to brush up on our sector knowledge. Initially even we were baffled with some of the financial terminology. However through regular in-house team sessions, gathering target consumer insights, and starting with the right question – why invest? Everything became a lot clearer. We were able to decipher exactly what was important to the customer and how FBN Capital ticks the right boxes.


Once we understood the customer’s needs, we placed them alongside FBN’s offering, from there we began re-crafting the key messages and work to position the investment arm as a premiere market leader.
We did this by leveraging the industries that FBN had already empowered, and the people whose daily lives it had been impacted. In doing this we were able to position them as a trusted institution.


At the time of review, FBN Capital reported a rise in customer inquiries which later led to a direct effect on their bottom line.


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