Our Clients

“If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there”

ntel,is the 5th Mobile Telecommunications entrant in Nigeria and they gave us a call when they needed our help with brand positioning and development. ntel needed to win the hearts of Nigerians upon arrival so we were happy to help…but we weren’t in the door yet, we still had to going through a pretty rigorous pitch process, fortunately they loved our ideas officially engaged us.


Infinix reached out to us when they needed help in developing creatives for their social media channels and launch campaigns for new products.


FBN had a challenge, they wanted to attract and educate an audience base, who had very little understanding of how FBN Capital’s investment solutions could be of appeal to them.

FBN Capital

After a quick chat at an event, the client challenged us with the task of restructuring their marketing team & processes, to position them to break new frontiers in Africa.


Although LASWA has existed for many years, the organisation is going through somewhat of a brand rebirth, and they called on us to take on the challenge.


As most great business stories begin, Fides was birthed by 4 friends who attended university together. After graduating they worked across a variety of legal and non-legal fields before regrouping to form Fides.


Daniel retuned to Nigeria from the UK when he was asked to set-up and in-house advertising agency within GT Bank, a challenge he just couldn’t turn down.


Daniel and Akindele were high school friends who had always talked about running a start-up together. Phil & Move was incorporated in 2013, and a year later approached D’Mastermind to take on the branding and marketing of the business.


The owners of the Ice cream Factory contacted us through a colleague referral. They had recently done a full brand identity overhaul and re-design and needed help with their Brand Communications Strategy

Ice Cream Factory


We were presented with the opportunity to help on the 2011 APC presidential campaign however, mud-slinging slinging really isn’t our thing as an organisation, so we decided to take a different approach…